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What Others Say About Office Magic Seminars...
Patrick Wahl is the Speaker Who Lets Others Do the Talking


"This seminar is labeled 'Dental Course,' but it really should be labeled 'Life Lessons.'"
- Dr. Robert L. Shirley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


"Masterful teaching is always delivered on the wings of humor. Dr. Patrick Wahl shares wisdom, insight, fun and love as he teaches core dental issues every practitioner needs to hear. I love hearing and learning from him."
- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul


"Our conference was a huge success. I know some attendees came specifically to meet you. Your presentation to our attendees was amazing, not only informative but also entertaining, and the feedback from attendees for your lecture was overwhelimingly positive. You and Lorraine are a dream to work with and we look forward to having you speak at our future events."
- Ms. Heather Colicchio, President, American Association of Dental Office Managers


"I attended your seminar along with my staff member (my mother!) just as I was opening my own practice. What an incredible blessing the information we learned at your seminar has been for us! I couldn't be more thrilled that with the material we learned that day, I was able to begin my business with the proper skills and systems. The very best part is -- our patients love us because they don't owe us money! Lorraine and Pat, I love, love, love you!!"
- Dr. Dawn Durbin, Corydon, Indiana


"Pat has been called one of the funniest speakers in dentistry and I would agree. His presentation on communication skills was excellent and of value to everyone who attended. Next time I will be sure to have my entire team present."
- Dr. David Hornbrook, The Hornbrook Group


"The best and most innovative at collections that dentistry has yet seen. My office manager used a single sentence from their seminar and collected $12,000 in the first twelve hours back in the office."
- Dr. Doug Cast, Temecula, California


"Your course was outstanding. The full day presentation was enjoyed by the doctors and their staff. Your presentation style was both informative and entertaining. You provided numerous pearls to take home while also keeping us laughing along the way. Course critique sheets gave you high ratings and praised you for giving excellent examples of not only what to say but how to say it."
- Dr. David Trylovich, Director, Las Vegas Study Club


"What a blessing your course has been! Our accounts receivable has dropped from $165,000 to $72,000! Our collection percentage has been over 100% for 5 out of 6 months Thanks to both of you for your dedication to improving dentistry and how we live our lives in it every day. Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future."
- Dr. Walker Swaney, Oxford, Mississippi


"The most interesting and entertaining presentation that I have ever attended... very dynamic and fast-paced; the information presented was extremely useful and ready for immediate implementation. I highly recommend your seminar to any practice wanting to improve its collection rate and eliminate reliance on insurance-driven collections."
- Dr. Ralph Navon, Richmond, Virginia


"Without a doubt, the hottest speakers in dentistry today are Pat Wahl and Lorraine Hollett. Why? Because they give more 'I-can-do-this-on-Monday-morning-and-it-will-change-my-practice-for-the-better' type advice and strategies than anyone else in the history of the profession!"
- Dr. Rich Madow, Editor, The Richards Report


"Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar. We have had 'rave reviews' about you today. I know the doctors and staff who attended appreciated your passion in changing the lives of dental offices around the country. You're the best! Looking forward to seeing you again."
- Ms. Mary Ann MacLane, Director, The Dental Forum


"May I extend our sincere thanks to you for a very successful and informative presentation to the members and guests of the Wichita District Dental Society. The enthusiasm of the attendees is evidence of their interest and respect for your expertise. Thank you, too, for the up-to-date material and the technique with which you delivered it. We are proud to present speakers of your caliber! We hope to see you again soon!"
- Ms. Judith K. Salisbury, Executive Director, Wichita District Dental Society


It's not just a seminar; it's an experience!

Pat speaks on most management topics. Recent titles include...
Secrets of Practice Greatness | The New Rules of Practice Management Practice Mastery Academy | Colossal Case Acceptance The Statementless Practice | Magical Customer Service Million Dollar Verbal Skills | Leadership in One Lesson

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