"Why Should I Bring Dr. Wahl to My Country?"

Dear Meeting Planner,

Sure, he's full of insights -- he's been called "a pearl a minute" -- and he's funny.

More than that, Pat's message is universal. Attendee Dr. Robert Shirley wrote, "This seminar is labeled 'Dental Course,' but it really should be labeled 'Life Lessons.'" Office Magic has raving fans all over the world.

Pat has spoken in France at the Cannes International Dental Congress, and in England for Independent Seminars. He's spoken all over Canada as well.

Do Dr. Wahl's ideas work around the world? Ask Drs. Elena and Riccardo Poli of Italy:

"We adopted your methods one month ago with shocking effects. After teaching the method to our staff, the monthly income is raised by some 50% and the past due accounts have been lowered by about 25% -- in only 30 days! Now our practice is much more relaxed, and working is more and more pleasant." "Our receptionists joked about those American ways not working here ... I just asked my receptionist how things are going and she says she doesn't know why, but she feels a lot less stress at the office (she was very stressed as of last June) ... Our three receptionists now present a more coordinated and harmonious message to our patients, and they do it consistently."

Dr. Martin Wucher of Namibia adds:

"Your insights have pushed me over the edge into dental paradise."

Dr. Wahl's most popular seminar, especially the first time a group has him, is "Make Your Practice Twice as Good Monday Morning." It is for the whole team. He covers literally hundreds of tips on a wide variety of management topics ... case acceptance, five-star service, collections, marketing, and all in a fast-paced, humorous manner that keeps everyone glued to their seats and wanting more.

I handle Dr. Wahl's schedule and I would love to help make your event a huge success. Call me now at (302) 229-9520, or email me at info@officemagic.com to get your date scheduled ... before all the best days are taken!


Warm regards,

Lorraine Hollett


It's not just a seminar; it's an experience!

Pat speaks on most management topics. Recent titles include...
Secrets of Practice Greatness | The New Rules of Practice Management Practice Mastery Academy | Colossal Case Acceptance The Statementless Practice | Magical Customer Service Million Dollar Verbal Skills | Leadership in One Lesson

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