"Double the Response to Your Marketing at No Additional Cost" eBook

"How Many Problems in Your Practice
Would a Bunch of New Patients Solve?"

Dear Friend,

Why is it?

A dentist will wake up after sleeping under an advertised blanket, on an advertised mattress, pulls off advertised pajamas, washes with advertised soap, shaves with an advertised razor, brushes his teeth with an advertised toothpaste, puts on his advertised clothes, drinks a cup of advertised coffee, reads the ads in the newspaper, puts on an advertised coat, drives to the office in an advertised car, and then...

refuses to advertise, saying advertising doesn't pay? Sometimes the only advertising a dentist does is advertising the practice for sale!

Why is it?

I speak with dentists all over the country every day. And if your practice has had its ups and downs over the past few years, I can tell you that you're not alone. I can also tell you that the most important factor in your success is... you.

It's your practice. You're the ambassador, and YOU have to be the rainmaker. Even if you don't do any promotional work yourself -- you have to know what good marketing is. Otherwise, you'll throw dollar after dollar at incompetent yellow page designers - and end up missing out on hundreds of patients you should be getting.

You're marketing every day, whether you know it or not. Even not advertising is a form of advertising! And I'm not just talking about advertising.

I'm talking about EVERYTHING you do.

Every way you communicate... Every conversation you have... Every brochure you print.



The breakthrough information in our new eBook, "Double the Response of Your Marketing at No Additional Cost," will help you communicate better even if you don't advertise at all. This is the kind of information equally relevant to specialists as well as general dentists.

Whatever message you send, in any of your brochures or materials... this report will have you doing it twice as well.

We show you what winning dental ads do. We explain the one question your ad must answer, and even give you actual examples of real ads that deliver patients by the bus load! We give you the exact words your ad must include, and above all... make sure you're never seen as "McDentist."

  • Discover the most effective marketing message for your practice.
  • How to squash skepticism and prove any claim.
  • The common ingredients of every successful ad.
  • Get patients to refer others -- without ever having to ask them!
  • A simple way to improve every line you write.
  • The best marketing investment you'll ever make.
  • Focus: it's all-important. How to get it; how to keep it.
  • Turn your dust-gathering practice brochure into a new patient generating machine -- without spending a dime!
  • How to turn a "feature" into a "benefit" instantly.
  • A fun exercise pinpoints problems in your marketing -- and steers you directly to the solution.
  • The simple truth about the yellow pages, web sites, and every other media.
  • What all great advertising does, and step-by-step how your advertising can, too.
  • Simple ways to convert callers to appointments.

"I have spent way too much money in the past on expensive consultants and other materials that overpromise and underdeliver. But for practical suggestions that really work, you can't beat this marketing report. I'd tell any dentist, the sooner you get your hands on this marketing report, the sooner you're going to get the best new patients."
--Joshua B. Bernstein, DDS, Berkeley, California,
Clinical Instructor, Las Vegas Institute, Richards Report Practice of the Year


"Your report was more valuable than entire marketing books I've read. Seems like the best books are always the shortest. I went through it over and over in redesigning my yellow page ad. I think I could make an entire ad just piecing together the headlines. I finally feel like I'm getting my message out, and that my marketing is as good as my dentistry."
-- Chris K. Pateras, DDS, MS, Longbranch Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Liverpool, New York


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Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA


P.S. If you're still wondering if I'm capable of getting prospective patients to notice you... I got you to read my letter, didn't I?


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