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Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wished for a more profitable and enjoyable life, right now, then this may be the most important message you ever read.

The most important message you ever read? Now, I know that statement sounds bold but it could well be an understatement. I’ve put together something so easy to use right away, something so results-focused, that if you’ll indulge me a bit, I’ve got a hunch you’ll agree.

What you will download is a roiling cauldron of brilliant ideas, words, concepts and techniques.

Some of them are as old as dirt, some have been lifted from other sources, and some are my own brainstorms.

It’s so much more than just a book. It’s more a collection of Life’s “Cheat Sheets.” I’m sure you’ll agree … each page packs a wallop!

The best books are also the shortest. The smartest people speak in the plainest English. The best leaders speak so simply that their words paint pictures. Ronald Reagan said, “Tear down this wall.” And so it was.

Winston Churchill’s instruction to his pilots: “Bomb the bridges and be back safely by dawn.”

This resource gives you just the right words and anecdotes to create the power, personality, and style that gets people to respond the way you want them to—in every situation. I’ve got an inkling that this book is just what you’ve been looking for.

The eBook is all about maximum results in minimum time. These simple tips will double or even triple your results. Practical insights and unshakeable truths. You’ll be benchmarking what the most successful people are actually doing with fascinating specifics.

What if one eBook Told You How to Develop a Silver Tongue,
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Women in One Lesson
Men in One Lesson
Marriage in One Lesson
Parenting in One Lesson

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Selling in One Lesson
Pricing in One Lesson
Success in One Lesson
Leadership in One Lesson
Public Speaking in One Lesson
Customer Service in One Lesson

You’ll make more money.

How to Land the Job of Your Dreams
2 Magic Words Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths
10 Magic Words Double Your Revenue
Magic Words Make Sure Your Customers are Thrilled
4 Magic Words to Answer the Phone
Magic Words Pinpoint Your Customer’s “Hot Button”
3 Magic Words Persuade Imperceptibly
5 Magic Words Answer Any Difficult Question
3 Magic Words Respond to Any Complaint
6 Magic Words Get You Referrals Without Asking
3 Magic Words for any Difficult Feedback
2 Magic Words for any Difficult Meeting
Magic Words to Confront Without Confrontation


“Pat, Your ideas have made me millions!!!”
W. Lee Beasley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


You’ll just plain be more successful.

A few words that make a dull conversation interesting.
Even how to get better luck!
Being Thin in One Lesson
People in One Lesson

Ken Blanchard’s landmark bestseller, The One Minute Manager, urges us to express important ideas on no more than one page ... so that anyone can read them in one minute. That’s what I do here. Now, you can profit from this wisdom.

You Think This is Powerful Stuff? It’s Barely the Beginning!

Why happiness is a moral obligation.
How to be happy.
Mary Kay Ash’s secret.
How Vicki Lawrence scored a #1 hit song.
The best advice you’ll ever get.
3 magic words for instant motivation.

Reading Our Book is Like Getting a “Ph.D.”
in Dealing with People.

There’s no assertiveness necessary when you know these secrets. Every word packs a punch. The practical applications of these scripts are almost endless.

Here’s just a few of the profitable ideas,
techniques, and strategies you get …

The real secret of service—it’s not offering hot towels.
How to inspire your people to “go the extra mile.”
How to give feedback that is appreciated, not resented.
How to be your team’s most effective cheerleader ... and have them cheer you at the
same time.

This is the leadership training you never had. I’ll show you how to confront poor performance and hold people accountable. Instantly. Concisely. Without fluff. You’ll get phenomenal results working with others.

“Pat, it never fails. Every time I send you money it comes back to me in multiples!”
—Tim Goodheart, Raytown, Missouri


How to be a Mensch

Make the Day of Anyone You Run Into
Be the Perfect Host or Hostess
Make the Day of Anyone You Write
Comfort the grieving.
How to compliment.


At Last Someone Has Unlocked The Secret Of Getting
People To Fall In Love With You!

Life’s Mysteries … Solved

Why They Don’t Return Your Phone Call
How to Deal with Gossip


Get the Red Carpet Treatment,
Wherever You Go

2 Magic Words Get You Special Treatment at any Restaurant
How to get good service wherever you go


You’ll Learn How to Say No.
You’ll be amazed when you discover
how quickly these secrets can change your life.

Politely Decline Any Request
The Universal Apology
Magic Words When Your Date Says, “I Love You”
Magic Words for Breaking Up


Words that soothe and make right ... words that energize and delight.

Empower your employees; delight your customers! Sustainable principles. Sustainable success. And never be tongue-tied again. Learn… Rinse … Repeat.


Let Us Hand You the
“Keys to the Kingdom”

Look. You can show anyone how to hit a golf ball — you just take a club and whack the dimpled little thing. But to play the game of golf well ... to make the ball go where you want it to ... you need the inside secrets that you will not discover casually, on your own.

It’s the same in everything else. The right guide and the right materials will take ten years off your learning curve — and even allow you to retire, if you want to, years sooner.


What’s the Investment?

You’ll get heaps of enjoyment out of your new “Million Dollar Verbal Skills.” You’ll be astonished at the difference a few simple words can make. And because I want you to get to know me, I’ve set the price at the nominal price of just $3.99. Open it up to any page, and you’ll find something you can use today.

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The Shocking Difference
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Did you know the powerful difference that just one small tweak a day can make? You’ll learn to do it all without hypnosis … without manipulation … without neuro-linguistic programming … and without blue smoke and mirrors.

You can keep doing things your way; only betterYou’ll be amazed at the flexibility of the ideas. Bite-size chunks let anyone get started right away.

More than a book, it’s jam-packed with ideas you’ll find yourself using the next day in the office and at home. Don’t have time to read? Wouldn’t you rather put money in your pocket than watch T.V.?

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Please accept my risk-free invitation, and you’ll see immediate results. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime treasury of ideas for a more satisfying, profitable and fulfilling life to gain. Download it now while it’s fresh on your mind,


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Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA

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