Pat brings his own laptop computer and projector.

He does not use any slide projectors and he does not use a podium.

Pat requests:

  • 1 microphone (wireless hand-held if available).
  • 1 screen.
  • Sound system connection to laptop ("Stereo Mini to dual RCA audio cable").
  • 1 extension cord and power strip.
  • 2 separate tables to hold equipment (each any size from 4' to 6').
  • 1 chair (a tall stool if available).

Note: The projector that Pat carries is an ultra-portable, and is not ideal for very large rooms. Pat always appreciates a house projector when one is available.


It's not just a seminar; it's an experience!

Pat speaks on most management topics. Recent titles include...
Secrets of Practice Greatness | The New Rules of Practice Management Practice Mastery Academy | Colossal Case Acceptance The Statementless Practice | Magical Customer Service Million Dollar Verbal Skills | Leadership in One Lesson

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